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Wedding-WOW Factor: Villa Woodbine

By June 10, 2019 June 12th, 2019 No Comments
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“A Garden Paradise in the Heart of Miami”

Wedding venues in Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is beach beach beach beach. You picture a bride and groom on soft sands and the ocean as their backdrop. Well, think again. Florida has a lot more to offer than white sands and a beach scene. If you want to wow your guests upon entering your venue, look no further.  Villa Woodbine captures the beauty of Florida we don’t often get to see.

This venue is simply one of a kind, there’s really no words that can be written to explain the beauty of it. Upon entering the tranquil driveway, up through the quiet greenery, the opening space shows the large walls and courtyard entrance through the palms  and trees surrounding it.

My walk to the opening of Villa Woodbine had my jaw dropped. Upon entering,  you find yourself facing a roofless center of the mansion where you hear the soft sounds of birds chirping and water trickling from the fountain where string lights dangle above you. Just that alone had my heart sold on this venue.

The charming Gipsy Williams, owner of Enchanted Brides was kind enough to give me an unbelievable tour, showing me where the bridal party will get ready, where cocktail hour is held, and the outside courtyard where the surrounding greenery has you enclosed in your wedding venue dreams.

There is a very heavy feel of history here, which is also something I find very important when it comes to booking a venue you and your guests will never forget. The look of the mansion has cuban design aspects, and one of my absolute favorite parts of my tour was walking up the steps to the upper level. Here, you could see these beautiful colored tiles that add so much to the already gorgeous architecture of the building. Honestly, I cannot stress this enough, pictures and words will really never be able to do justice to the experience you will have here.

If you are looking for a Miami/ South Florida wedding venue this is one of the most special places you’ll visit. Reach out to their fabulous team to book a proposal today and get one step closer to making your wedding vision a reality.

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