Business Services

At Handmade Highlights we offer a wide ranch of professional services. Just click whatever service you are interested in to learn more!

Logo Design

Something that really sets us apart is we can create logos, designs, illustrations, and calligraphy for all types of businesses. It doesn’t have to be a “whimsical” “cutesy” “curvy” beautifully drawn word. We create our logos or any other designs based on who our client is. Let us create the logo you need for your business!

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Product Lettering

Product lettering is something you may need for something you are selling or need something to add a special touch too. We are all about it! Let us know what exactly you need product lettering for and we can assist you to make your lettering dreams come true!

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Spot Calligraphy

Maybe you need a digital file of your favorite bride and grooms name on an anniversary card, or you want to add a special touch to something already existing in your personal world, we get you! We can help add the calligraphy details you need for whatever it is you’re working on, honey!

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