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Chalk Wedding Decor

By April 28, 2019 June 12th, 2019 No Comments

When brides reach out to me for signage, I always suggest being consistent with one medium, as any calligrapher/designer would. Why? Simply because you pick a theme and a special look, and you stick with it to make your wedding look uniform and precise. If a bride tells me she wants a mirror seating chart alongside wood table numbers and a chalk sign for the dessert table, I will always recommend picking the one medium she loves the most and having all signage be similar.

The first medium I ever worked with in the wedding industry was chalk. At the time it was a massive trend to have chalk signage at your wedding, especially in Pittsburgh where there was more rustic, greenery, farm and floral weddings where it would apply most to. Chalk decor is still very alive today, but at one point in time that’s all people wanted at their wedding.

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