At Handmade Highlights we pride ourselves on doing all things handmade, that is in our name, after all! We specialize in special event/wedding stationery, day-of-décor, such as seating charts, special signs, love letters/custom cards, home décor, return address stamps, custom wine glasses, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, wood signs, acrylic signs, digital signage, and the list goes on. Handmade Highlights started off with the owner, Rachael, doing primarily home décor- items such as wood recipe signs for your kitchen, a painting of a quote above your bed, your baby’s name painted in their new nursery or  a specialty cocktail sign for your home bar. This expansion of work grew after helping a last-minute bride, a friend of a friend, with her wedding just days before the event. This is simply how Rachael got her first taste of wedding décor and her love has grown since.. Signage for any kind of wedding can vary, and nobody gets that more than us. Understanding the theme and desired look of a wedding helps Handmade Highlights guide you in what mediums we recommend using, theme and illustrations for your invitation suites, favors, etc. There is not limit to our work- whether you want a mirror-based seating chart, a mug wall with all your guest’s names written on them as a wedding favor, or a custom drink sign with illustrations of your “his” and “her” cocktails, we will make it happen.

Rachael has a degree in Graphic Design and Business, and she was able to use this in her expansion of HH by creating custom and semi-custom invitation suites for brides to choose from. But it doesn’t stop there, you can also order invites for birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, and more! To complete your invites, we also offer hand addressed envelopes, wax seals, and return address stamps, all with Rachael’s calligraphy to make it really have the “wow” factor everyone’s going for. Rachael’s calligraphy is one of a kind, and she’s able to change it to be an exact match for your needs. When it comes to weddings, special events, birthdays, or just-because, we won’t say no to anything and will work to make your event a highlight in your life you’ll never forget.


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