Wedding-WOW Factor: Crystal Ballroom Beach Place

By June 25, 2019 No Comments

I was lucky enough to be one of the vendors chosen to be a part of the grand opening of the Crystal Ballroom Beach Place in Ft Lauderdale. This event took place on father’s day from 11am until 4 pm. This venue is certainly one of a kind, with a brilliant clean look, using marble, mirrors and beautiful chandeliers to leave your wedding guests in awe. Want an outside ceremony, no problem. There is a balcony outside that overlooks the beach, so afterwards you can lead your guests inside for the party to begin. Handmade highlights got to partake in the festivities this day, where we were able to meet amazing couples and their families who have either already booked this venue and were able to see it in person for the first time (yes, it’s that amazing!) and some that were interested in seeing the space so they could book that day.

If you are a couple tyeing the knot here, your venue will be very consistent in decor with signage on mirrors or acrylic to stay on par with that clean chic look the crystal ballroom has to offer. It is highly suggested that you provide a seating chart at this venue, based on the fact there are two long tables for seating your guests that you are able to separate into as many as you may need, leaving space in between perfect for a dance floor after dinner. We specialize in seating charts of all sizes, and provided a mirror seating chart to show the guests who attended the event. We also offer mirror or acrylic table numbers as well as any style name cards- ranging from acrylic, mirror, card stock, geode stone, sand dollars, marble slabs, and much much more. The wedding coordinator Alberto will make sure you have the picture perfect wedding and make the stress of wedding planning disappear. With a beautiful view and beautiful interior design, the Crystal Ballroom make you cant wait to say “I do” to this venue.

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